Inner city apartment living lures Canberrans with focus on lifestyle and community

As the revitalisation of Canberra’s city centre continues there’s a growing shift in attitudes to how people are choosing to live.

One of the big changes taking place is the increasing popularity of apartment living for a whole range of people.

It’s being driven in part by a new style of thoughtfully-designed apartment developments that are proving higher density living doesn’t mean a loss of peace and quiet, green space, and room to move, or a sense of community.

While traditionally, apartment living has been more appealing to singles and young couples, developers are now seeing an increase in interest from other parts of the community from downsizing baby boomers and retirees, to families.

With rooftop gardens, pet-embracing policies, and a focus on sustainable, efficient design and resident amenity, development industry leaders are delivering truly “liveable” spaces aimed at enhancing the lives of residents and creating vibrant urban precincts.

Michael Prendergast, National Head of Development at Canberra-based JWLand, said more people are appreciating the kind of lifestyle opportunities that well-designed apartment developments can offer.

“There are a lot of shifts and changes that we’re seeing,” said Mr Prendergast. He’s overseeing some of the most significant developments in Canberra’s inner city that are embracing the latest urban design thinking, and creating apartment “precincts” with a mix of apartment styles and sizes to reflect the demand.

“Within our precincts we’re particularly having a lot of success with downsizers, baby boomers who, as they are getting older, are seeing the opportunities that come with the kinds of apartments we’re offering with three bedrooms, bigger balconies, and being able to live in an area that is so close to all the amenities, but also still having access to parks and green space.”

“But in our projects you’re seeing all sorts of people coming together because we’re really designing with a variety of needs in mind. When you’re walking around our projects and when you’re in the lifts you are seeing a really diverse mix of people.”


JW Land lodges application for third building at Founders Lane

A development application has been lodged for the third stage of JW Land’s Founders Lane precinct in Braddon.

JW Land plans an additional 207 apartments be added in stage 3 to the already approved 329 apartments on the former public housing block, bounded by Cooyong Street, Ainslie Avenue and Currong Street North, and next to Favier House. Stage 4 is yet to come.

Construction of stage one and two is underway and is expected to be completed late 2019. The two buildings will have some restaurant and retail space and a child care centre, plus three levels of basement parking. The end product will have four mixed use residential buildings. It will be done in four stages.The stage 3 application, now lodged, suggests the number of apartments for stage 3 and 4 has been revised this year from a planned 300 in January to 483 in the latest iteration. Of those, 207 are in the stage 3 application.

The development will also have three levels of basement car parking.The application is also in preparation for the fourth stage to excavate the basement parking for the two final stages. For stage 3 and 4, the developers plan 875 carparks in three levels of basement parking.